Launch & Repair your site the right way

Don't let visitors see your site is broken when you're building or repairing it. Put an awesome maintenance page up in minutes and never lose any SEO juice!

No fluff. No gimics. Only the features you need!

Tired of 5 minute jobs that take hours? So are we! That's why Maintenance is here to save your time, not waste it. Be fast & productive and get the perfect maintenance page up in seconds.

Our designers and copywriters have build a theme for just about any type of site there is! Why? So you don't have to. Just pick a ready-made theme and your done in seconds.

If your site can't be found then it doesn't exist! Start thinking about SEO even before your site is built with our built-in tools. Optimize the site even if it has only one sentence of text.

Join over 700,000 website owners!

First version of WP Maintenance was released over 10 years ago; in May 2012. We've been actively developing and maintaining it ever since into a usable and stable product that'll save your time & money.


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Artificial Intelligence
Athletics World Cup
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Build Awesome Pages in Minutes

Maintenance, Coming Soon or Landing Pages - build them all in a few clicks.

Over 700,000 Happy Users

Easy to set up and works great. It offers an attractive appearance to the visitor. Thank the team for their work, congratulations.

Félix Ortega

Love this – works so easily and simply and doesn’t slow down the site like the more popular maintenance page was doing. Awesome, thank you!


After searching for how to (probably) temporarily shut down one of my site – I chose this plug-in at random – works a treat, no problem.


Features - No fluff or bloat

You’re busy and want instant results! That’s exactly what WP Maintenance will give you.

No need to read any manuals. Our drag&drop builder was built to be simple and fast. It only has the features you need without the unnecessary fluff.

Maintenance supports most autoresponders, CRM, webinar & marketing software and will push subscribers into them, as well as Zapier.

Finding great, free images that you can use without much fuss is very difficult! Search through millions of HD images and use them on your page in just a few clicks.

Why create something from scratch when you can pick a ready-made solution. We have a theme for all niches - from webinars and landing pages to mom&pop stores.

Start thinking about SEO even before your site is built! Optimize the site even if it has only one sentence of text with our complete set of built-in SEO tools.

Only your client and your employees should be able to see the new site while you're working on it. With the Secret Access Link feature they'll be able to do that with ease.

Impress clients without touching a single line of code. Change the plugin name, logo, colors, text, everything - right from our Dashboard!

Manage all your purchases, licenses, brands & sites from a single location - the Dashboard. Save time by having all your client sites in one place.

No outsorced nonsense! The majority of our support stuff are devs that worked on creating the plugin so you know you're getting top-notch help!

Building Great WordPress Pages Now

Create Pages, Track Conversions & Start Collecting Leads in Minutes

Grab the extra discounted LTD prices 🚀

We know that paying monthly sucks! That's why we've prepared LTD licenses with an extra discount. Even for the agency license.

Personal Lifetime

$109 59

  • 1 site license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • 20+ themes
  • 5 new themes each month guaranteed
  • Dashboard (license manager)
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding

Team Lifetime

$169 69

  • 5 sites license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • 20+ themes
  • 5 new themes each month guaranteed
  • Dashboard (license manager)
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding

Agency Lifetime

$299 119

  • 100 sites license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • 20+ themes
  • 5 new themes each month guaranteed
  • Dashboard (license manager)
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!
You are fully protected by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you don’t like the plugin over the next seven days, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

FAQ - You ask, we answer

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Who should use WP Maintenance? Is this the right plugin for me?

If you want to create a beautiful maintenance, coming soon page, landing page, sales page or an under construction page without touching any code, then then this is the right plugin for you. It’s perfect for local business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, people who run webinars or sell online. It’s also great for those who create websites for other – agencies and freelancer webmasters.

What are the server and software requirements?

If your server can run WordPress then it will have no problems running WP Maintenance. We also suggest having the latest version of WordPress installed.

Do I need any coding or design skills to use WP Maintenance?

Absolutely not! The plugin was created specifically for people who don’t have any coding or design skills, don’t want to mess with code, or custom design their own page for hours. Don’t get us wrong, you can do all those things with our plugin, if you want, but it’s not a requirement.

Will this plugin slow down my site?

No, it won’t slow down your site. WP Maintenance is carefully built using the best coding practices and modern standards to ensure things run fast and smooth. We constantly maintain and improve it. Due to its specialized purpose, it’s a lot faster than most WordPress themes.

Can I use WP Maintenance on clients' sites?

Yes, you can. Either purchase the Agency license or purchase a single license for each client site. Getting the agency license is a lot cheaper in the long run, and you get the rebranding feature which lets you charge your clients more.

Is support included with every license/purchase?

Definitely! While you have a valid PRO license our friendly, in-house support agents are at your disposal.

Is WP Maintenance compatible with all plugins and theme?

Yes it is. You can use it with any theme and any plugins.

What’s required to use UnderConstructionPage?

A self-hosted WordPress site running WordPress version 4.7 or higher. Nothing else.

Does the plugin work on non-WordPress sites like Wix?

Sorry, no. It’s a WordPress plugin, so it only works on WordPress powered sites.

Can I rebrand and resell the plugin?

If you buy an agency license you can rebrand it and install on clients’ sites and charge them as much as you like. You are not allowed to sell the plugin as a stand-alone product. Ie put it on your site and sell licenses for $10.

Can I bundle the plugin as a part of my software package for clients?

If that bundle is a part of a bigger service you’re providing to your client, like creating a website, then yes. If it’s a bundle of a few plugins and you’re selling that as a product then no.

Is there a free trial available?

Sorry, no. We don’t have a trial. But, you are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the WP Maintenance plugin in seven days after purchase, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Over 3.7 million free HD searchable images

Never google for another image again! Save hours by searching, downloading & using images directly from the plugin.

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