Top P2P Crypto Exchanges in Germany in 2024

Top P2P Crypto Exchanges in Germany in 2024

Peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchanges are a new way of purchasing and vending cryptocurrencies from and to the other users. With no center party involved mostly, this could be appealing to users who trust privacy and control of their transactions as well as a huge variety of payment methods.

The number of P2P cryptocurrency exchange services is growing to meet the needs of local users in Germany. Here are a few of the leading exchanges for 2024:


Cryptomus lets all account holders, providing user-friendly p2p crypto exchange. One can trade a great number of crypro-assets, including USDT, Bitcoin, and many others. Besides, KYC verification has been made obligatory for all users, and hence more trust and security can be ensured during trading. Cryptomus has an in-built chat system for communication between buyers and sellers.

Although the best performance for Cryptomus lies in P2P trading, some functionalities are added. So, businesses in Germany can utilize the available payment gateway solution in their websites, social media platforms, or any other channel in the online market. In doing so, they kill two birds with one stone: Diversify payment aspects and reach out to a growing market of crypto-savvy customers.



Although it is not strictly a P2P platform, OKX has one of the biggest and most developed marketplaces in the world, in terms of volume of trades happening. This big marketplace allows trading over 350 different tokens, and over 100 local-country currencies are also supported. This provides a quite flexible approach to buying or selling crypto.


SimpleSwap is designed to be easily used, with clear and easy exchanges of cryptocurrencies. No more registration needed—over 900 cryptocurrencies available at floating or fixed rates. There’s 24/7 customer support available, as well as a special affiliate program for your convenience.


BingX is a FinTech company focused on making cryptocurrency more easily used by everyone. BingX harnesses the potential found in spot and derivatives trading for both casual and professional investors. Of course, BingX does not constitute a P2P transaction app, but one can, of course, buy cryptocurrency directly from other users on the platform. They have also introduced a social trading attribute that enables users to copy strategies from successful traders.


Although the P2P exchange is not a traditionally understood 1inch, there’s a little bit of similarity; that’s in reference to DEX aggregation, which refers to the search for liquidity in different pools between different DeFi protocols to ensure the best possible rate, in turn saving one money that might be at stake when dealing with an intermediary exchange.

How To Select The Right P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange In Germany

What To Look For In A Good P2P Crypto Exchange In Germany

  • Security: Look for platforms where KYC verification is solid and has set up an escrow service to safe-keep your funds in the course of transactions.
  • Supported Currencies and Payment Methods: Make sure the platform supports the cryptocurrencies of your interest and offers convenient payment methods for you, such as bank transfers and SEPA.
  • Fees: Compare the transaction fees and any additional charges associated with the use of the platform.
  • User-Friendly: Consider using a platform with good UI/UX and clear instructions on how to do P2P trading.
  • Reputation: Review the reputation of the platform and user reviews to ensure reliability and trustworthiness.


Regulations and Compliance in Germany

The Germans have been equally proactive when it comes to cryptocurrencies, with BaFin demanding that all crypto businesses register with it. While it has consumer protection and some measures in combating money laundering and other financial crimes, it is an extra step to use P2P crypto exchanges. It ensures a more secure and transparent crypto atmosphere in Germany.


Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges provide an invaluable service to Germans interested in a higher control over transactions involving cryptocurrencies or, quite the opposite, even more flexibility from them. Then, one could pay attention to the above-mentioned factors and consider relevant regulations when it comes to choosing the best P2P platform to meet its crypto trading needs.