5 Best SSL Certificate Monitoring Tools

The security of every website is its most crucial component. No matter how many features are on your website, how fascinating they are, or how stunning the design is, if it isn’t safe, nobody will go there. The situation is analogous to trying to manage a corporation. Nobody wants to go to a cafe or restaurant with a poor health rating.

Similarly to this, individuals avoid visiting risky websites since they run the danger of numerous problems spreading to their gadgets. There are numerous components to online safety. An SSL certificate is one such element. It is unquestionably the most comforting approach for a website visitor to understand that they are entering a safe website.

Secure Socket Layer certificate, which is what the abbreviation stands for, is a security protocol required for creating an encrypted link between a web browser and a web server. Without this certificate, you are subject to cyberattacks, making it essential for publishing any website online.

Additionally, operating a website without an SSL certificate seriously harms your SEO. Finding the ideal SSL certificate for you is crucial given how crucial having one is. The top SSL certificate monitoring tools available right now are listed below.

1. WPForceSSL

There is no tool better than WP Force SSL when it comes to SSL. Everything you would require for your SSL certificate is there. The complexity of dealing with online security might frequently give headaches. However, WP Force SSL offers everything you need in a single bundle. You’ll only need to manage one tool rather than juggling several.

With the help of this tool, you can determine whether your websites are locally hosted, look up SSL certificates, and see whether any of your website’s plugins are incompatible. Due to the fact that various plugins frequently conflict with SSL certification, this is highly crucial. SSL monitoring is the most crucial function.

When your SSL certificate is about to expire, WP Force SSL may automatically determine this and renew it. Since you can’t constantly keep track of your many credentials, this is quite significant. And losing accreditation is a nightmare waiting to happen. Without it, you will inevitably lose customers. Since WP Force SSL was created with everyone in mind, using it is really simple.

The content scanner on this tool is another fantastic function. Mixed content can significantly lower your visiting numbers even if it is not as bad as not having SSL certification. You can save many hours of labor by using a scanner that detects mixed content automatically.

Without it, you would have to spend many hours scanning your sites for any images or links that might be damaging your website. WP Force SSL, in brief, is a very helpful application that automates some of the most tedious but crucial labor in web development.

2. CheqUptime

Some of the most significant jobs in history involved keeping an eye on things. Prophets, astronomers, and night watchmen. They essentially had to sit there and wait for something to happen.

But you won’t have time for that if you’re running a website. CheqUptime is here for you as a result. It automatically keeps track of some of your website’s most crucial operations.

This application can instantly notify you of any potential issue, from SSL certification to server emergencies. CheqUptime can monitor your website while you concentrate on more crucial duties, whether you’re adding new features or simply checking on its stability. If you want to do cronjobs as well, this tool can be quite helpful.

This is so that it can alert you automatically when a cronjob completes. CheqUptime can instantly inform you of your website’s status, no matter what it is.

3. Uptimia

The health of your website should always come first. People frequently overlook the fact that their platform is disintegrating in favor of concentrating more on earnings and fresh content.

Your entire website is monitored by Uptimia to make sure it’s stable and effective. It promptly warns you of any potential collisions or dangers. In this manner, the damage can be reduced and your response can be quick.

It can be quite risky for your website to crash while you were unaware, especially if you run an eCommerce shop. All that downtime loses you money and grows insecurity in your customers.

When they see you can’t keep your website up, they’ll doubt your overall security. And that in turn results in an even bigger loss of customers. But it’s not all so grim Uptimia also monitors website performance.

This means it’s not only there to fix mistakes, but to help you grow too. It can check your traffic rates, customer retention, and even the number of new registrations. It can even monitor your certifications so that you know your website is optimized.

4. TrackSSL

It’s critical that everything related to SSL monitoring be in one place. especially if you are in charge of several websites. You can view all of your current certificates on a single dashboard with TrackSSL.

From there, you may keep an eye out for expiration dates and other certification-related problems.


You may renew your SSL certifications safely and worry-free by keeping an eye on their expiration dates. With TrackSSL, you’ll never again have to be concerned about losing your credentials.

5. Sematext

Sematext is the best option if you’re looking for a portable SSL monitor. It is a monitor with a simple design that only shows you the information you require.

This avoids any hassle from sophisticated features. When your SSL certificate is ready to expire, it merely tells you. In this manner, you can guarantee that your websites are always accessible.


Any successful internet business must make sure its certificates are current. You can be confident that no problem will develop without Sematext’s obedient eye spotting it because Sematext can even detect several faults


Multitasking skills are necessary for managing an online business. You can still automate at least a portion of your labor, though, despite this. Your main priority should be to ensure that your website is secured with an SSL certificate.

Thus, you ought to concentrate on the tool that will serve you the most.

And WP Force SSL is that. With it, you can relax knowing that the certification for your website is safe and secure.