8 tips and ideas for real estate Instagram promotion

Real estate was, is, and will be a very competitive and hard market to enter. Stakes are high in this business, and so is its profit. Instagram is an excellent way to promote your real estate business and show the properties you are selling to a larger audience all around the world.

Here are some tips that will help you to improve your Instagram promotion when dealing with real estate:

1. Optimize Your Profile and Bio

Optimizing your profile and bio to appear professional is very important for the real estate market. You will achieve it by including the right keywords in your username, bio, and descriptions. And don’t forget that you will achieve it as well by including a professional profile photo.

For instance, when potential customers use their Instagram search bar to look for realtors, Instagram displays profiles that include the term “realtor” in them.

Therefore, use the correct keywords in your profile and your bio. Those keywords will help people quickly find you on Instagram.

2. Display Listings

The simplest Instagram marketing method for real estate is to feature your current listings in your feed to create a type of “property listings magazine.”

Up to 10 images may be uploaded for each post. This number of images is ideal for showcasing a home’s best characteristics. There are a few filters you might want to experiment with and use to enhance photos. Keeping images as real as possible is usually a good idea, especially when you take your potential property buyers to actual property.

3. Use Videos

Video home tours allow potential buyers to see every inch of the property. And they also provide you with highly-qualified leads because prospective purchasers have a good sense of what the home will look like.

Make a clear video that will walk viewers through each room of the house. As they are “walking” through the house, you give potential buyers a better understanding of the complete surrounding area. Create this unique filing by using overhead photographs.

Then, in your caption, mention the property’s features and add a strong call to action.

You may use your phone to record a live video of the property that you can then edit using a video maker. Use this method if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on video creation. To make the ideal home tour video for Instagram, consider including in it a captivating soundtrack.

4. Benefits of Virtual Open Houses

Instagram marketing for real estate excels at promotion. Take into account the already existing Instagram features, such as Instagram Stories, Highlights, IGTV, etc., to help you get inventive.

Here are a few ideas for creating a virtual open house:

– Utilize Instagram Stories to share a video previewing – a trailer of your open house event. Also, some beautiful pictures of the property and graphic text with information about the occasion.

– Create an Instagram Highlight for your profile with all those posts.

– Use Instagram videos or IGTV to publish a tour trailer on your feed.

– Post gorgeous pictures of this virtual tour to your feed (you can have up to 10 images in a single post as we already mentioned).

5. Add Location

Comparable to Facebook’s Check-in is Instagram’s Location Tagging. You may either use the “location” on your phone or a search engine to find and tag the exact property location.

There are certain advantages to doing this, the most significant of which is that Instagram is still a search engine and you can increase the number of people who see your listings when they perform a local search.

For instance, if someone types “home for sale” and “location” into a search engine, your tagged property will show up.

Location tagging ensures that your property post will be at the top of the Instagram search results.

6. Just Sold Posts

Without “Just Sold” photos, a realtor’s Instagram account is incomplete. These pictures draw in potential clients looking to sell homes comparable to the one you recently sold.

Hire a photographer to take bright, well-lit professional photos of the property for your “Just Sold” article. And use the description to inform potential customers about the current state of the market and explain why it’s a good moment to sell comparable homes.

7. Share Actionable Tips

Make a list of frequently asked questions. Create an FAQ list by reviewing your previous house evaluations and your contact’s comments. This way you will create an Instagram post that is both informative and useful to your potential clients.

Play with different contrast in text structure by changing the font size or colors in your posts. This will draw readers’ attention to the crucial content of the post. To achieve higher involvement with your audience, create a strong CTA and invite potential clients to like and comment on your content.

8. Show the Neighborhood

Here’s a cute trick for livening up your feed. Why not advertise your area in addition to your listings?

Highlight the following:

– Unique narrative of your city.

Instagram can help you develop a visual story so use interesting information from the neighborhood. Show something that only a location-based expert of that neighborhood is likely to know.


Advertising your services on Instagram makes perfect sense. The methods described above represent just a small portion of possible options for promoting real estate on Instagram. The platform’s vast user base and sophisticated visual elements make the marketing opportunities of Instagram essentially limitless.