How to Use Web Crawler for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has developed over the last decades. These days it takes more than using the right keywords and posting more often to rank better on Google search engines. Other additional factors, such as customer experience, SEO optimization, and local search engine, affect your marketing performance. Tools such as logs analyzers and website crawlers are becoming critical in ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors. Want to learn about web crawlers and how they can help improve your digital marketing process? If so, keep reading.

Simple Ways Web Crawlers Can Help in Digital Marketing

But first, what is a web crawler? It is a tool you can use to gather info from the web to build a database for further analysis. Usually, they analyze keywords, and hashtags, index the website address and its content, rank pages, check whether links are working, and so on. Digital marketers can use data collected by online crawlers for various purposes. So, how can you do website crawling? Check out this post on the IPRoyal blog about web crawling with python to learn more. Without any further delay, here is how web crawling can help your business in digital marketing.

Doing Competitor Analysis

One advantage of web crawlers is that they can help you get massive info regarding your competitors. Technically, manually collecting your competitor’s info, such as their pricing, can be hectic and time-consuming, especially if you have many of them. Web crawlers can greatly benefit your sales, marketing, and product development teams. It will help them review what works for your competitors and what does not so that they can use the right tactics for your business.

When analyzing your competitors, you can use web crawlers in the following scenarios:

  • Evaluating what content material is working for your competitors
  • When setting new prices for your products or services
  • To see which market segment you are missing out on with the current marketing strategies
  • To know whether new companies are popping up
  • Keep track of any new product options and how you can get them

Keep Up With Trends

Making sure you always have the latest industry information gives you an advantage over your competitors. Once you know what’s trending, you will quickly understand your existing consumer’s needs and which new sectors to target. Using online crawlers simplifies and quickens the entire process by collecting info and storing it in a central location for easy access.

Getting Real Reviews of Your Company and Competitors

Technically, most consumers won’t care to give you detailed feedback regarding your products and services. Even if they do, it might not be too valuable. Fortunately, web crawlers can gather posts, reviews, and comments on external websites and forums. Furthermore, you can collect information about what consumers say about your competitors. The best thing about using online crawlers to get reviews is that you will get genuine feedback. Such valuable info is essential for your sales and production team. You will easily know what works for you and your competitor.

Choosing the Best Vendor

Supposing your business depends on a third-party service provider for anything, you can use web crawlers to research and choose the right one easily. They will help you gather essential details such as pricing, reviews, and availability of various providers for a specific service. This extra information is even more significant when selecting marketing services and tools.

Identifying Articles and Listicles to Get Your Name On

With the help of an online crawler, you can easily know the places where your competitors are listed. You can get their contact details to talk to them so they can also list your business. This way, you can get listed on such platforms and have more visitors checking your site, thus increasing your website traffic. Also, you might discover several weblog posts, such as review articles, that can help get the word going online about your products and services.


Utilizing a web crawler for online marketing will boost your company significantly. An online crawler can assist your brand in various ways and is a cost-effective solution. Using a reliable web crawler will help you acquire more information concerning your industry and your close competitors. This way, you can improve your products and services, thus acquiring more customers. So, take advantage of a web crawler to take your business to the next level.