The Seven Best Ways to Market Yourself as a Musician

The Seven Best Ways to Market Yourself as a Musician

Let’s say you have a new single that you’ve released. You love the song and you truly believe in it. But soon, you start to notice that it isn’t getting the traction you hoped it would. You feel rejected. It sucks. But what if you’d planned a better strategy to market it? What if you had a little guidance on the right steps to take? Now we’re talkin’.

If you really want the world to hear your music, you need to step into action. In this brief guide, we’ll show you several of the most effective methods to market your music so it can start getting the attention it deserves.

Use Social Media

Social media accounts are one of the most powerful tools at an artist’s disposal when it comes to promoting and marketing their music. With platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, artists can reach tens of thousands or even millions of people with little monetary cost. Sharing music through social media can provide an artist with global recognition, helping them to build a dedicated fanbase both locally and on a larger scale.

Social media marketing for music artists can seem a little daunting due to your options, but as long as you’re consistently posting on multiple social media platforms, you’re very likely to reach a broad audience. Remember to use your social media platform not just for releasing new tracks and videos but also for interviews, Q&As, behind-the-scenes stuff, and how-tos as an effective part of any social media marketing strategy. Your social media channels are there to help you out!

The potential for success through social media presence is limitless: the right promotion campaign can generate more sales and turn more heads than even traditional marketing methods. It has never been easier to get your music heard by the world – all it takes is a savvy digital marketing strategy and determination.

Reach Out To Music Blog

Reaching out to music blogs can be an invaluable means to market your music, as it gives you access to communities of people who are passionate about and knowledgeable about music. By tapping into these groups of potential fans, you’re giving yourself the chance to build a connection with someone who could become instrumental in pushing your music out into the wider world.

They may pass on your sound to their peers or write positively about your songs; this kind of support makes mastering the art of reaching out to music blogs a worthwhile effort. It’s not a quick route to fame, but if done well, it may lead to larger audiences and listeners looking for more new and different music. Plus, connecting with other people in the industry can open up even more opportunities down the line.

Send Out Press Releases

Sending out press releases to market your music is an effective and inexpensive strategy available to all musicians. Press releases, if written thoughtfully, can be used to target the right kind of media outlets, who may then, in turn, help promote the release of your music.

If a release contains accurate information regarding your music and background, it can also pique the interest of media contacts or bloggers, who may then contact you for a full interview or feature piece. With so much potential to increase visibility and interest in your work as a musician, writing and sending out press releases is definitely worth investing time into as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Make A Music Video

Making a music video to market your music is an effective option that can help you reach a larger audience. Music videos provide entertainment and a great visual representation of the artist and the song. Not only can it reach existing fans, but others who may be curious after seeing the video.

Music videos additionally offer viewers more avenues to experience and interact with your music by giving them more content to engage with in addition to the song itself. Music videos also have the potential to become viral, meaning they can spread beyond your planned target audiences quickly across multiple platforms, increasing your exposure even further.

Book Live Shows

People who hear your songs performed in person become immediate fans, as they are often moved by a real-life performance. Not only do live gigs connect you to potential new fans, but events like this also provide excellent networking opportunities. Music supervisors and industry members may come to attend the show, and you can make valuable business contacts even if your official goal isn’t to score a record deal.

Booking live shows is also a brilliant opportunity to get feedback on your music in real-time. Seeing people’s reactions will inform how you develop future projects and how you might adjust certain elements of your performance that night. The best part is seeing immediate appreciation for your art—so don’t underestimate the power of booking live shows.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Remote music collaboration with other established or up-and-coming musicians can be a great way to market your music. Working alongside another artist opens you up to their fan base and often offers a degree of exposure that you wouldn’t achieve otherwise.

When carefully chosen, collaborations can have an enormous impact on your music’s reach and potential success while also presenting the amazing opportunity to learn and grow by exchanging creative ideas with someone else. This strategy can be particularly beneficial for independent artists who often lack the resources needed to form a solid marketing campaign, allowing them to leverage the fanbase and reach of their collaborators.

When working with others, it’s vital to use the right audio file collaboration tool that has a built-in chat feature. Platforms like Boombox offer users the tools to collaborate remotely for any kind of music. Whether you choose one record with another songwriter or decide to put together an extended EP project, participating in cross-promotional activities with other artists is a great way to get the word out about your sound and lift your fan base.

Get Radio Play

Radio is a great opportunity for people to discover your sound, but getting on the radio isn’t always easy. Most established radio stations have strict guidelines that independent artists need to meet before their music can be featured, which might include playing at certain venues or having studio time at the station itself.

Taking advantage of smaller, community internet-based stations is often a better method for getting the attention of label executives, who are usually more open-minded to new voices from undiscovered talent. By putting in the extra effort and creating buzz with smaller shows and stations throughout the country, you stand a much greater chance of achieving success due to increased exposure to your sound.

The Bottom Line

Marketing your music can take a lot of time and money, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re an independent musician or aspiring record label executive, there are many simple ways to get the word out about your sound. By using effective strategies like making videos, booking live shows, collaborating with other artists, and getting radio play, you can increase your reach and spread the awareness your music deserves. Remember, there’s never really too much self-promotion, so get to work!