Top 7 Tools for Remote Sales

Top tips for remote sales

Running a remote selling business can be challenging, but it can be cheap with significant results if done right. However, it is essential to equip your remote sales team with the right tools.

For remote sales, you always want to make sure you have tools to boost sales and enable your sales team to do their best work possible.

Some prefer an all-in-one solution, while others preferably go for building a highly customized sales stack by connecting a variety of tools. Basically, there’s no one definite “right” approach.

It’s critical for a business to keep track of bills, but this isn’t always an easy task. It’s possible to utilize a tracking invoice template for your remote sales to keep track of important information like payment dates, customer names, invoice numbers, balances due and paid, payment methods, and more.

Advantages of Remote Selling

We will cover in this part why remote selling is popular nowadays and why businesses can benefit from it.

Increased cost savings

Most importantly, the best benefit of virtual or remote selling is that it helps you save money. Without it, you would have otherwise spent a lot of capital on necessary equipment, venue rental services, and other miscellaneous charges.

Enhanced efficiency

Improvement and development can only be achieved by a constant stream of new projects. In order to accomplish corporate objectives and make use of all of your team’s resources, you may want to operate several concurrently. You can keep everyone on track with clear project descriptions if you have huge ambitions and plenty of work lined up. In order to get the most out of your remote sales, you need to take care of that first. You’ll be able to track your sales progress once everything is set up according to plan.

It will help you engage more prospects than you would have otherwise been able to. Therefore, it increases your chances of making a successful pitch and converting prospects into customers.

The more you pitch, the more you can redefine your strategies, leading you to close more deals.

Increased reach

Remote selling opens up a list of new opportunities everywhere. You can easily overcome geographical limitations and find many opportunities across borders with it. In addition, it helps you scale your business and grow your sales consequently.

Empower sales professionals

Embracing remote selling provides many benefits, encourages your sales team, and boosts their morale.

Remote sales tools help the sales team by providing them with the autonomy needed to do their work better. Additionally, it puts a host of resources at their disposal to help them keep producing impressive results.

So now, the question arises which remote sales tools will enable your team to work smarter and close more deals? To help you overcome this question, we have made a list of the top 7 tools for remote sales that we’ll go through in this article:

  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Pipedrive
  • BuiltWith
  • Drift
  • Freshsales


Zoho is a CRM software that helps manage your customers and sales prospects across different multi-channel touchpoints. It offers a host of email marketing features, allowing sales reps to automate emails, manage their contacts, track engagement, or automate responses.

For better organizing, Zoho CRM lets you filter leads based on the actions, such as opened, not opened, sent, not sent, etc.

Zoho also has got for you a drag-and-drop email builder that lets you build new templates and designs for email drip sequences. Additionally, Zoho provides you with many AI tools such as live chat and other lead generation & management tools for better communication with your potential clients.


Salesforce gives you a comprehensive overview of your sales team and upper management. By providing multiple functions offered by Salesforce, every remote salesperson will work more effectively, getting more deals with ease.

Salesforce is a powerful CRM that covers anything from sales, support, and marketing-related. This toolset includes tons of reporting features for remote teams, meaning sales and managers can see exactly what their teams are doing and their results.

The only downside we can come up with is that for teams who aren’t already trained, it will take them months to get fully used to running this tool.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the remote sales tool that offers businesses, and users advanced search options and customizable filters that will help them gain comprehensive visibility of their operations and insights.

For their members, they also offer LinkedIn Learning courses so that you can be sure that your sales team will get advanced coaching and the necessary information to become even better closers. You can easily navigate through course selection and find the best courses for your sales team.


Pipedrive is a CRM tool designed specifically for small teams to help them visually organize their sales funnel. It will also ensure that your sales team won’t lose or forget essential conversations. As a result, sales teams love this tool because it is easy to use.

Pipedrive allows you to manage leads in your pipeline, automate the busy work, track communications, and give you insights into your sales process. This tool is best for very small teams or solopreneurs since it lacks the more robust outreach and reporting features that other CRMs have.


With this remote sales tool, you can search for specific technologies being used on websites across the world. In addition, it means you can quickly populate lead lists by searching for only websites that use the technology of your competitors.

Additionally, you can filter these lists by technology spend, traffic ranking, tech category usage, usage duration, and more filters. Another way you can search is by keywords, which means you can search for a type of business using certain types of technology (or even ones that aren’t using that type of tech).


Drift is a sales engagement and live chat tool that allows you to interact directly with your customers who visit some of your website’s important pages.

Moreover, you can automatically set up Drift with custom chatbots that qualify leads. This can save your sales team the time and effort to manually qualify all new website visitors and send your sales team only the most relevant leads to your business.


Freshsales is a remote sales tool designed to help you manage the various aspects of the sales process. You have the best features of legacy CRM solutions at your disposal with it.

Freshsales helps sales professionals see which of those email addresses are that open their mails and those that don’t. In addition, it will tell the sales reps which people are interested in their product so that they can conduct targeted nurturing of these prospects.

Its primary features include bulk email tools that enable sales reps to create personalized templates, syncing calendars, and schedule meetings. By exporting relevant information to contact records, it also links automatically. It allows the direct transfer of calls to it so that there is no need for any software or hardware installations for any task.


Selling your products online can be challenging and expensive, but it can be cheap if done right. However, you need to equip your remote sales team with the right tools to achieve that.

A remote sales tool will boost your sales and enable your sales team to do their best work possible. Thus, we’ve listed the top 7 remote selling tools you should try out in 2022.