7 cool things to do with a VPN


You have probably heard that VPNs are the best way to protect your privacy while browsing the Internet. However, this is not the only possibility that a VPN offers. A whole series of things can be obtained by using a VPN, such as protection on public WI-FI, improvements in Internet speed, etc. And what exactly is a VPN?

VPNVPN represents a virtual private network and is used as a system to increase one’s own security and establish a protected network connection. A VPN will act as a front for your IP address and encrypt your data.
When you visit websites, advertisers want to track your browsing habits. They do this to give you as much customized content as possible, but that does not necessarily mean it is always safe. With a VPN, you can be entirely sure that you and your data are protected.

Avoiding targeted bandwidth throttling

There is a possibility that your ISP could be targeting you with throttling tactics. This happens if you do things online that use a lot of Internet bandwidth.

When you try to throttle the bandwidth, the network traffic is regulated, which means that your internet speed could be significantly lower. If they use a VPN connection, it will help keep your internet speed intact despite bandwidth restrictions.

Accessing the home network

As you know, we usually store private and business data on a home desktop computer. Whether it is photos or documents, sometimes they are needed even when we are not at home.

Home Network

If we have set up remote access, it means that we can access the data even when we are not at home. More precisely, we can access the data from anywhere in the world. By using a VPN, you can be sure that this data will remain protected.


Using a VPN can also help you with various savings.
For example, it can suggest an offer for the cheapest vacation booking. This happens when currencies and points of sale are used.
Leaving or deleting cookies also helps, as does browsing in incognito mode.

Public WI-FI can be more secure!

You know that when we connect to public WI-FI, we are never safe. That is why connecting to public WI-FI always carries some note of risk with it. If the public WI-FI does not have an encrypted connection, it means that your data could be compromised by connecting. However, if you have a VPN – you are protected from such things, and there is no need to fear connecting to a public network.

WiFiProtection for mobile devices

Nowadays, there are VPN apps that are too easy to use on your mobile phones, TVs, tablets, etc. You know that it would be best to cover all your devices with a VPN so that you can enjoy complete protection.
Tip: One NordVPN account covers up to six devices.

Useful VPN features


We have already listed a couple of useful VPN features. However, if you are not very knowledgeable, it is time to learn more. There are also premium VPNs with many helpful features. We already mentioned NordVPN, which covers as many as six devices. In addition, the Kill Switch function is distinguished, which ensures the termination of the connection to the Internet when your VPN stops working. This way, you will be sure that your data will remain intact. The function of protection against threats is also distinguished.

Access your business or university network abroad

During the recession, we mostly encountered problems related to joining a business or university connection. Many people work or study abroad. So the forced repatriation created a problem for accessing the networks. Those who used VPNs back then did not encounter such issues.

Remote NetworkFinal Words

There are many more features that can make things even easier for you if you use a VPN. We have listed some that you may be just getting to know. Put your safety and the security of your data first.