How to generate SSL certificate for wordpress

WP Force SSL

One of the key factors in increasing website traffic is website security. This factor works in a two-fold system. On one side, it gives visitors a sense of safety and confidence and on the other, it boosts the website’s reputation among search engines. And while there are plenty of ways developers can increase the security of their websites, none is as important as an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are cornerstones in website management as no matter how well designed a site is, if it isn’t safe people will avoid it.

What is SSL and why do you need it on your site?

SSL stands for secure socket layer and it is the standard security protocol most websites use. It safeguards website owners and visitors from harmful malware and other incursions. Through SSL certificates your website gains a massive SEO boost as search engines usually aren’t inclined to push forward unsafe results. The most obvious way you can notice a website has SSL certification is if it has HTTPS in its URL.


By having a secure website you’re showing your visitors that you want to give them a good user experience. And while it’s important to have an SSL certificate for privacy reasons, it’s imperative to procure it if you’re trying to run a web store. Having an SSL certificate protects credit card information and other financial data thus allowing you to safely process transactions.

How much does it cost?

Generally speaking, you can find SSL certificates for 50 to 60 USD a year. This is just an average estimate that can wildly vary. Depending on various factors SSL certification can get far more expensive or the price can plummet. But there also lies a hidden problem. Because if you just get the certificate there’ll be no way to track it. That’s why the optimal option for SSL certification includes an SSL tracker as well. But those combinations can get quite pricey.

Can I get SSL for free?

In short, yes you in a way can acquire SSL for free. If you use WP Force SSL you’ll be able to quickly and easily get SSL certification through Let’s Encrypt. Instead of paying for a separate tracker and certificate, which can be extremely expensive, you can use WP Force SSL to get the free SSL certificate from the Let’s Encrypt authority. This SSL certificate is free through the plugin and with only a couple of clicks, you can get yourself started with your website security. And while using raw Let’s Encrypt can be quite a hassle WP Force SSL streamlines the entire process so that your time can be spent on more fruitful endeavors.

WP Force SSL Generate Certificate

How to install it.

Installation of an SSL certificate through WP Force SSL is so simple it might as well be said that it’s done with a click of a button. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and from then on, as long as you have WP Force SSL, you won’t need to worry about SSL certificates ever again.

1. Open WP Force SSL and go to the SSL certificate tab

The simplest of all the steps. You can’t really edit SSL certificates without using the certification tool. And from there go to the SSL certificate tab. This is where you’ll generate your SSL certificate

2. Generate the SSL certificate

To generate your certificate all you need to do is click the button named “Generate SSL certificate” at the bottom of the page. There you will see a popup that requires your email address.

WP Force SSL Generate Certificate

3. Confirm the Let’s Encrypt Subscriber Agreement

After you’ve entered your email address make sure to check the agreement box for Let’s Encrypt Subscriber Agreement as without it you’ll be unable to receive your certificate. After that, all you need to do is click on the “Next” button and let the computer do its work.

4. Install the certificate onto your site

From there on you should receive the SSL certificate that you can then install onto your website. But each website host has a different way of installing it and thus the installation can’t be summarized in this tutorial.

Now that you have your SSL certification you can start to properly design your website. And the best part of WP Force SSL is that, while designing, you won’t need to worry about the certificate at all. As long as you have the plugin installed your SSL certificate will be reapplied every 90 days. WP Force SSL will actively monitor the certificate and make sure you never lose it. It will also do periodic content scans so that you never have any issues with mixed content.

WordPress has revolutionized website design. It gave everyone easy access to website creation. But that means websites can be created with differing levels of quality. Not only does that include the design and theme of the website but also its security systems. There’s an endless sea of unsafe and poorly built websites that you need to wade through if you want to succeed. So why risk falling down into the depths of obscurity if you could just use WP Force SSL to secure yourself an SSL certificate. These SSL certificates propel you out of unsafe waters and guide you directly into the good graces of search engines. In their hands lies both your online security and the success of your website. Therefore you definitely shouldn’t skimp out on the quality and get the best SSL certification tool possible. With SSL you’ll be able to set up free SSL certification in a matter of minutes.