How Much Can I Make as a UX Designer?

You directly interact with user experience (UX) design every time you use a product or service. UX covers anything from how quickly you can find customer service help on a website to how simple it is to operate a TV set. Consumers are more likely to stick with a product and a brand if they have a satisfying user experience. UX frequently determines a company’s success.

One of the things you want to know if you’re thinking about a career in a specific industry (here we are talking about UX design), is how much money you’ll make in your new position.

That is reasonable considering that you work not only because you enjoy it but also because your salary allows you to follow your aspirations and engage in the activities you enjoy the most.


So let’s see what determines UX Designers’ salaries:

The payment you will receive may change depending on a few various scenarios.

Those are:

– Experience

– Type of Company

– Location

Let’s explore each of these factors and how they affect how much money you, as a UX designer, will make.

Salary For UX Designers Based On Experience

developerExperience is one of the most important criteria in deciding salary in any sector. Experience-based categories for UX designers include:


These UX designers are brand-new to the field of design. Most likely, they are recent university grads or students who have done online UX design courses. At this level, the typical yearly compensation is $89,528, which is a solid beginning.

You should be skilled in the use of UX design tools and procedures at this level.


Junior designers have a few years of professional experience. They are knowledgeable about the specifics of the position and the field. The span of their experience is 3 to 8 years. At this level, the typical yearly compensation is $115,743. As you gain new expertise, your compensation will increase.


These experts have been employed in the field for more than 15 years. They carry out a variety of duties in an organization and make crucial business choices. At this level, the typical yearly compensation is $134,395.

Type of company

The sort of company you work for will determine how much money you may make as a UX designer.

You will work on either the agency side or the client side. In general, UX designers for client-side businesses make more money.

You may anticipate making somewhat less than $70,000 in typical entry-level UX design compensation at an agency. Client-side positions are more difficult to find but pay higher.


Your location has an impact on how much money you make as a UX designer. Higher incomes can be found in residential areas, large cities, and advanced economies.

However, a significant drawback is that living expenses are considerably greater. The challenge is to figure out where you will discover the optimum balance by comparing your earnings to your spending.

Hourly rate for a freelance UX designer

In the US, a freelance UX designer may expect to make between $90 and $150 per hour. Of course, the hourly charge is based on the designer in question’s location, skill set, and expertise.

On websites like Fiverr and Upwork, UX designers are paid less, but there is a lot of competition and more chances to find a gig.

Salary examples (find on internet research):

Experience and job title

  • Junior UX Designer – $91,027
  • Mid-Level UX Designer – $100,559
  • Senior Level UX Designer – $134,395
  • Lead UX Designer – $143,189
  • Principal UX Designer – $163,429

Salary per Location

  • Seattle, Washington – $85,755
  • San Diego, California – $73,724
  • San Francisco, California – $98,799
  • Boston, Massachusetts – $75,685
  • New York, New York – $80,934


Designers of user experiences may earn very much. Of course, the above elements will determine your salary as UX Designer.