Top 8 Tips for Using Videos in Web Design

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Videos should be a significant portion of your website’s content. Consider specific video formats to fit in your news, blog posts, service pages, and other sections in addition to advertising videos on the front page. Videos contribute to search visibility and improve website optimization (SEO). The higher the number of video content pages supply, the more user search results will there be on those pages.
Video marketing is a potent weapon in the content marketing arsenal. Videos, if nothing else, present a terrific opportunity to emotionally connect with clients, because videos are simpler to draw attention than text and photographs. As a result, there is more interaction with clients, which leads to improved sales results.

Here are 8 tips for using videos in web design that you should follow.

1. Add YouTube Videos

YouTube is not only the most popular video-sharing platform, but it is also the second most popular search engine after Google. Users search for terms, products, and services on YouTube. YouTube should be viewed as a medium for frequent communication and uploading of numerous videos about the products and services you offer, rather than a one-time video posting. A consistent video strategy will not only boost the number of subscribers, but also the likelihood of your videos being discovered during searches. Adding YouTube videos to your website can help you both optimize your website and YouTube channel.

If you’re embedding a video from YouTube or another comparable site, change the video settings. You can usually change video embed code on video-sharing sites to influence video player behavior. You may set it to autoplay, HD or regular, allow or disable social features, and keep an eye on videos that are scheduled to play later.

YouTube website videos

2. Use the content delivery network

The content delivery network not only uploads, converts, hosts, and publishes videos to your site, but it also gives you the ability to do a lot more. You may personalize the look and functionality of video players, automatically inject advertising into web videos, and charge users to download videos using the content network.

You don’t have to worry about many technical aspects of displaying videos on a web page because many content networks provide the web pages to play the videos. However, you can also use existing websites to integrate your videos. This will make adding amazing videos to your website much easier and it allows you to add multiple videos to your web pages fast.

3. Add a Website Trailer

You should handle your website as if you are showcasing your personal or your brand’s personality. The homepage serves as the entrance to your website and all the services or products you offer. When someone comes to your website, the first thing they see sets the tone for the remainder of their visit. That implies it can influence whether they stay on your site longer or leave.

You could lose a lot of valuable visitors if your homepage isn’t welcoming. Because many users will land on your website through the homepage, it must act as an introduction to your organization and its products or services. For this reason, trailer videos, which provide a high-level overview, are ideal for homepages. You might wish to showcase a new product or promotion on your valuable homepage space. Trailer videos are simple to shoot and add to your website’s value.

4. Testimonial Videos

If you have a company website, you should incorporate testimonial videos into your web design. They’re a fantastic method to highlight how your product or service has aided real individuals at real companies in achieving genuine goals. Case study clips, which describe the tales of your clients, are a great method to give your customer stories more authenticity and reliability.

It is possible to forge a written quote but it will not have the same impact as a video. Those who wish to buy your products will be more ready to do so if they can see a testimonial from a real individual. They will be able to connect to your brand more and with that make a purchase.

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5. Include a call to action in your video

While it may appear that incorporating videos in your web design is all you need to accomplish, this is not entirely accurate. With a fantastic video, you’ve captured the audience’s attention and kept it until the very end. But you need to create a strong, precise call to action that takes the visitor to the next step. If you are incorporating videos into the website you need to get the most out of them.

The best way to do so is to encourage anyone who watches the video to follow you on social media, read more of your articles or buy your product.

6. Make a gallery with multiple videos in a slideshow

You can use a slideshow gallery to “bundle” related videos on your website. It enables viewers to easily scroll through and choose the video they wish to watch. This tool is simple to use and will give your website a more professional appearance. It also lets you show many movies in a compacted way that doesn’t take up too much space on the landing page.

One of the advantages of making a slideshow gallery is that it decreases the amount of clutter on your website. It lets you organize videos by topic or genre, as well as free up extra whitespace on your website for a cleaner look.

7. Don’t Add Too Many Videos

While videos are more popular than pure text, you should still have in mind what your website is all about. You should add videos to your web design as an accessory to the overall design. Adding too many videos can have a bad impact. One thing you don’t want is to have a lot of automated videos that will start playing while someone is visiting your website.

That will only make them feel overwhelmed and turn them off. Make sure that your videos are placed on the right parts of your website. Somewhere where they will be noticeable but will not make your website cluttered.

8. Create Regular Podcasts

Podcasting, like any other kind of content, can help your business attract new consumers by establishing familiarity with your brand. You don’t have to include them directly on your website, as we don’t want to post too many videos on the web, but you can post a link and a notice when your podcast is coming out on a third-party app – like YouTube. Subscribers are more likely to listen to a podcast on a regular basis if it is one they enjoy. Your audience is more inclined to stick around if you’re consistent. To make sure that you don’t skip your podcasting, make yourself a plan for podcasting!


Videos are a powerful tool that you can use once you have determined what are the subjects that would be relevant to your marketing by reviewing the content of your website. If you come across such topics, consider whether adding a video would improve the user experience, add a new dimension of attractiveness to your topic, and overall, improve your appearance among clients, which will make it much easier to grab their attention and present your products or services.