WP Maintenance

Best Maintenance mode plugin for WordPress

Usually, creating new themes would require you to start a new page that you can later modify. With WP Maintenance, creating a new theme is even simpler than that.

How to Add a New Theme?

  1. Go to Maintenance PRO from your admin menu,
  2. Click on the Design settings tab,
  3. Start adding modules via the Layout tab,

Create a new Maintenance theme

  1. Modify the visible modules to your liking,
  2. Go to the General tab where you can change other visual settings,
  3. Click the “Save as New Theme” button at the bottom of the page.

Your newly created theme can be always accessed by going to the Themes tab.

Be careful when saving a theme. While saving as a new theme will always add a new custom theme, just saving changes will overwrite the currently selected one.

Can I Modify an Existing theme?

Yes, you can choose any of our premade themes and modify them.